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Online Meeting to discuss storage north of Lake O

Hendry County Commissioner Ramon Iglesias agreed more storage is needed north of the lake, but said this project won’t be done in time to save the Lake Okeechobee fisheries. He said more needs to be done now to restore the lake habitat, which has devastated by years of high water.

“I’m excited for northern storage and more capacity for water supply,” said Jake Fojitk of Florida Farm Bureau. “I am here to support CERP (Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan). I hate to see any agriculture production decrease, but excited to see water supply improvements.”

He said the combination of LOCAR and aquifer storage and recovery wells (ASRs) will help save Lake Okeechobee from damaging high water while preserving water supply for urban, environmental and agriculture needs. He said Farm Bureau is excited about ASRs because they can store a lot of water without taking much land out of agricultural production. The land planned for ASR wells as part of the Lake Okeechobee Watershed Restoration Plan (LOWRP) is already in public ownership.

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