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  • Scott Martin

Reel Talk- Lake Okeechobee Concerns

Let us stress this - we're down to the last 1,500 acres of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) on Okeechobee, and it's likely that figure will continue to dwindle to ZERO following this season. I am forecasting an alarming rise in the lake levels to 17.5 or more shortly once we are hit with the hurricane season rains. This will necessitate massive, unfiltered water discharges eastward and westward. With that extra 3 feet of water holding in the lake we won’t see the lake levels falling to a point that supports SAV growth next year. We are caught in a destructive loop of unfiltered water, which will only worsen over the following years.

My question and concern - Why are there some individuals refusing to stand with us in demanding a fix for the lake's filter? Especially people on both coasts who suffer from water quality issues. This is a pressing matter that needs immediate attention. Lake Okeechobee, potentially our largest filter, could purify trillions of gallons of water every day, at a very low cost. I'm convinced that there are some who voice their support for "clean water," yet they secretly prefer Lake Okeechobee to remain contaminated because it benefits their agenda. We should be pouring money, resources and management into building back the filter that once was here on this natural resource we call Lake Okeechobee.

Please join our mission and write a letter to get these concerns into the hands of our government. The time is NOW!

Scott Martin

Co-Found of Anglers for Lake Okeechobee and Professional Angler


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