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We are a community fishing group dedicated to protecting Lake Okeechobee. We are anglers (professional and recreational)... learn more

With data showing that 95% of the water flowing into Lake O comes from the north, we believe that the answer to our water quality issues lies at the lake’s source... learn more

We support science-based solutions that will bring on additional storage and treatment at the SOURCE of Lake Okeechobee, to the north... learn more

Meet Our Team 

Scott Martin


Professional Angler Scott Martin, son to legendary Roland and Mary Ann Martin grew up on the waters of Lake Okeechobee where he first learned how to fish. He recognized that the lake was not just the lifeblood of his families roots here in Florida, but for many other fellow anglers and business owners around the lake, residents in South Florida who depend on it for water supply, and the Florida Everglades. Therefore, Scott co-founded Anglers for Lake Okeechobee (AFLO) after recognizing that a voice for Lake Okeechobee’s health and restoration was desperately needed.

Ramon Iglesias


Ramon is a lifelong resident of Clewiston, FL and has been the General Manager at Roland & Mary Ann Martin Marina & Resort for the past 14 years. As he grew up with Lake Okeechobee in his backyard, he understands the importance of her health and has become a passionate advocate for Lake Okeechobee and its liquid heart. His dedication to restoring the health of Americas second largest freshwater lake is the reason he co-founded Anglers for Lake Okeechobee.


Suzanne Martin

Executive Director

Suzanne was born and raised in Clewiston with Lake Okeechobee in her backyard. At the age of 13, Suzanne moved to Tallahassee where she graduated from Florida State University with a marketing degree that would later benefit her as she joined her husband in his fight for healthy Florida waterways. As a Clewiston resident and Lake Okeechobee advocate, Suzanne has joined AFLO to protect and preserve the lake that is as important to South Florida as any other water resource. She is excited about partnering with AFLO and so many others in protecting and preserving this Great Lake. Water quality, water levels, and water flow, along with the habitat in Lake Okeechobee, are all key components in solving the water issues we are all facing in south Florida.

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